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Graffiti Workshop with ZebRocSki

German Graffiti / BBoy pioneer ZebRocSki stopped by with us for two weeks. The time was amazing, from BBoy sessions, graffiti workshops, and sharing Hip Hop history.

We’re looking forward to building with more german artist during the Indo – German Hiphop year, starting this oct, and running all of next year. We’ll have the chance to meet some of germany’s legends like Can 2. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a hot winter.



Graffiti WorkShop with Heta1, Daku & Zine

The graffiti artist Heta 1, from france, along with Delhi’s Daku and Zine, came together for a graffiti workshop and painting with TinyDrops. Space was provided on the roof of a ‘labour housing’, and a lot fresh faces were able to attend because we were wide in the open, including a lot of the residents at the housing.

This is was the first time many students got their hands on spray paint, and even before directions could be given, they were painting.

The idea that Graffiti can be used to color neighborhoods which are other wise ignored were expressed, now lets see what all the gray walls in Khirkee look like in a few years.