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Khirkee Park Jam March 31, 2012


Khirkee Park Jam March 31, 2012

(photos by Vijay Katé)


bboy milan reel, by bboy milan

bboy milan’s reel, edited by bboys milan, tsunami, shiv and rishi

Tiny Drops Session photographed by Alexandre Dupeyron


tiny drops in session:

an incredible photo shoot by alexandre dupeyron



tiny drops at bboy respect, amity university


tiny drops represented at the bboy respect circle, amity university, february 24, 2012.

photos by john monsang

bboy shiv

bboy rishi

dj HeRa

mc mandeep sethi



slumgods + tiny drops in . . . now delhi

Slumgods : Pt. I.

B-Boying or what you may know as Breakdance

Is a form of dance embedded deep within Hip-Hop Culture

And today, in Now Delhi

It’s educating and helping kids, who by default are enrolled into the School of Hard Knocks

Every society the world over
Is divided into those with privileges and those without
That is just the inherent nature of the beast that is society

Those with privileges, have them just by virtue of the comfortable life they are born into
Where everything one needs is provided for
be it quality education,
or those pointlessly annoying shoes with lights, which, for some reason, became extremely popular when I was growing up

Necessity vs Luxury?

Those born without basic privileges of life, are also often the ones forgotten
Our rigid socio-cultural divide makes most cultural interactions inaccessible for them
Our system further pushes them into lives lacking individuality or any creative outlet

So how does one bridge this gap?
Creative learning and community building become a major part of the solution
And books aren’t the only way one can learn

Tiny Drops is one such solution
It provides children living in slums with an alternative creative and social outlet
through cultural activities such as dance, music, and graffiti embedded in Hip-Hop Culture


It provides a safe haven for children who are exposed to extremely harsh living conditions from a early age
And gives them something positive to put their mind and energy into
It is a space which attracts children from 8-18 years to come and develop a solid foundation in any of these artforms so that they can use these skill sets and fulfill their dreams


It is run by volunteer mentors who provide guidance to the kids with personal one on one interactions based on respect and friendship


Netarpal ‘Heera’ Singh is one such Mentor
He is one of the most active names in the Indian B-Boying Community

And was instrumental in setting up Tiny Drops in Mumbai
With others in Mumbai, he initiated several slum kids in the Dharavi slum, one of the wolrd’s largest Slum clusters, where the centre is now run by the kids themselves.


Now based in Delhi, he mentors at Tiny Drops in collaboration with the NGO Khoj, who provide the children with a space to practice in Khirki VIllage. Khoj also helped immensely in organizing the first ever ‘Park Jam’ in Delhi
Usually they Practice in the space provided by Khoj in Khirki,
but from time to time, you might spot them flying in the air in the gardens in front of the malls in Saket…

As a result of this initiative, now there is a very rapidly growing BBoying Community
Which was quite evident when Now Delhi showed up at the Cypherholic Jam, a B-Boy competition with individual and crew Dance-offs
Atleast a few hundred kids of all ages showed up, rearing to go..


More form Cypherholic and this story in the Next video. Coming Soon!

Music track:  

Dj Mr. Neill : B-Boy Mix + Dont Sweat the Technique (Groove Fellaz Remix)

Licensed under Creative Commons

Life is Good!

Life is good by Jatin Puri (Purify)
featuring BBoys – Milan, Babu, Baba, Shiv, La-La, Heera, Slumgods, Rohit, Aman and Rag(Sandeep)!
video by Kartik Mahajan, Abhijeet Chhabra, Nishant Shukla, Sachin Pillai shot in Hauz Khas Village, Flipside cafe, New Delhi

Graffiti Workshop with ZebRocSki

German Graffiti / BBoy pioneer ZebRocSki stopped by with us for two weeks. The time was amazing, from BBoy sessions, graffiti workshops, and sharing Hip Hop history.

We’re looking forward to building with more german artist during the Indo – German Hiphop year, starting this oct, and running all of next year. We’ll have the chance to meet some of germany’s legends like Can 2. Stay tuned, it’s going to be a hot winter.



Graffiti WorkShop with Heta1, Daku & Zine

The graffiti artist Heta 1, from france, along with Delhi’s Daku and Zine, came together for a graffiti workshop and painting with TinyDrops. Space was provided on the roof of a ‘labour housing’, and a lot fresh faces were able to attend because we were wide in the open, including a lot of the residents at the housing.

This is was the first time many students got their hands on spray paint, and even before directions could be given, they were painting.

The idea that Graffiti can be used to color neighborhoods which are other wise ignored were expressed, now lets see what all the gray walls in Khirkee look like in a few years.

Deer Park Cypher

About 30 of us visited Deer park today in Hauz Khauz. We broke out in a dancing session across from where the Deers and Peacocks play. We’re sure the Deer’s felt a bit of relief when we attracted attention from the pedestrians on ourselves, and away of the Deers.

Whats a good way to beat the Delhi heat?

Go visit one of the beautiful parks!

Tiny Drops / Slumgods – 1st community park b-boy battle/showcase

Tiny Drops Khirkee Park Jam 5/15/2011

Tiny Drops / Slumgods – 1st community park b-boy battle/showcase…

… as the night rolls in, some more “experimental” pop lockin’ to block rockin beats by Praxis!

(thanks Suhrid).

Khirkee Park Jam.01

Our first community park jam, in collaboration with Khoj Artist Community, was a b-boy/b-girl battle/showcase, free for all ages, attended by over 150 people including young dancers, elders, and curious passersby. the jam featured dancing, one-on-ones, open cypher; painting by local graffiti artists; and music by dj praxis. It was a fun evening in the park for all! Check out our Facebook page for videos.

Bboy KZEE vs MILAN (from Tiny Drops)

Bboy KZEE (left side) vs MILAN from Tiny Drops (right side)
(thanks Bharat).