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Mumbai Bgirl Ambarin in Jugaad Urbanism Film Series, NYC

Mumbai Bgirl Ambarin in Jugaad Urbanism Film Series, NYC

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/18787747]

A film by Saurabh Monga & Netarpal Singh
Based in Mumbai, a city teeming and breathing off the sounds and movements produced by Bollywood, Ambarin chronicles the journey of a young, independent Indian girl trying to define herself and a generation, by looking to sounds and inspirations beyond Bollywood and Indian borders, through a medium of dance that was born in the slums of New York. Ambarin, a soft-spoken, 21-year-old Mumbaikar, is the first B-girl (female ‘breaker’) in India. Breaking, or BBoying/Bgirling, is a dance of both grace and aggression, predominately led by males, and is an ‘underground’ subculture for youth across the globe. For Ambarin to adopt this dance as a passion, and to want to make it a career, positions her against her family and—as a Muslim—makes her explore what is accepted of her based on her religion, only to push beyond obstacles and do what she feels is true in her heart.

Discussion and Q&A to follow with Nisha Mistry.

Jugaad Urbanism: Resourceful Strategies for Indian Cities

Set in the radically uneven urban landscapes of Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune, India, Jugaad Urbanism explores how the energy of citizens “making-do” is translated by architects, urban planners, and governmental and nongovernmental entities into efficient and inventive strategies for sustainable urban growth. From energy generating spinning wheels to the extensive skywalks of Mumbai – the exhibition highlights how “jugaad” interventions (a term in Hindi used to describe an innovative, resourceful approach) are challenging traditional spatial hierarchies and mechanistic planning principles.

The work of Indian artists, including Raqs Media Collective, will also be included in the exhibition, offering insights into the complex and oft cited “messy” urbanism of India.