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SLUMGODS – India’s 1st Hip-Hop COLLECTIVE, combining B-Boys, B-Girls, Emcees, DJ’s, Graffiti Writers, Activists, Soul Rebels, and much more…embodiments of emotions and vibrations that cannot be defined in a language foreign to the motherland.

We are coming at you live from Bombay to LA, New Delhi to New York, Sri Lanka to Oakland…from us to the world.

Welcome to Hip-Hop in India. SlumGODS. cuz we were never dogs.

SlumGods work hand in hand with Tiny Drops Foundation,. For more information on SG, visit : http://www.slumgods.com

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SlumGODS was formed in a past life by B-Boy Not Afraid (Aku) [Dharavi - Bombay], B-Boy Heera [NewYork/Bombay/Delhi] + Mandeep Sethi [LosAngeles/SanFrancisco/Bombay/NewDelhi]

Music : Povan Beats


Visual Shots & Edits : Mandeep Sethi



For Direct CONTACT – [email protected]

Deer Park Cypher

About 30 of us visited Deer park today in Hauz Khauz. We broke out in a dancing session across from where the Deers and Peacocks play. We’re sure the Deer’s felt a bit of relief when we attracted attention from the pedestrians on ourselves, and away of the Deers.

Whats a good way to beat the Delhi heat?

Go visit one of the beautiful parks!