a space for kids in the hood to practice, learn and innovate on hip hop dance & culture.


new york timesSka Vengers Play Tihar

indian express I Own the Street. I am a B-Boy

. . . now delhi slumgods + tiny drops

DAWN B-boys scramble for space in Mumbai

MTV Desi Breakdancing in Mumbai

Outlook The Slums of all parts

Time Out Delhi Breaking Boundaries

Desihits Hop Hits the Slums of India at the Tiny Drops Centers

Tehelka Damn Right, It’s Better Than Yours

India Abroad Hip Hopping to Dharavi

Mumbai Mirror Boys will be (b)-boys

Urbz.net Urban Typhoon Khirkee: Street Presentations

Sepia Mutiny Slumgod Mandeep Sethi Drops the Boom Bap Rap

CNN Go Slumgod breakers: Dharavi dancers battle Bronx style

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