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Khirkee Park Jam March 31, 2012


Khirkee Park Jam March 31, 2012

(photos by Vijay Katé)


Tiny Drops Session photographed by Alexandre Dupeyron


tiny drops in session:

an incredible photo shoot by alexandre dupeyron



tiny drops at bboy respect, amity university


tiny drops represented at the bboy respect circle, amity university, february 24, 2012.

photos by john monsang

bboy shiv

bboy rishi

dj HeRa

mc mandeep sethi



Cypherholic Delhi – Dec 4th


The regular event held by Tiny Drops, Roc Fresh Crew, SlumGods, and Tandaava Crew, was this time assisted by the ‘Indo-German Hip Hop & Urban Art Project 2012′. This saw the likes of German Graffiti writers such as Wok, Loomit, and Tasso coming and showcasing their skills, as well as German Hip Hop pioneer Zeb Roc Ski adding to the events already hyped ambience.

Dj Uri & DJ Mo City held the pace of the event selecting the right beats to keep everyone moving for almost 8 hours!

The event was once again held at the Goethe Institut, with an attentendce of over 400 BBoys/BGirls/MCs/DJs/Writers and spectators of all ages. 


Pictures of Cypherholic by Joel Sames


Deer Park Cypher

About 30 of us visited Deer park today in Hauz Khauz. We broke out in a dancing session across from where the Deers and Peacocks play. We’re sure the Deer’s felt a bit of relief when we attracted attention from the pedestrians on ourselves, and away of the Deers.

Whats a good way to beat the Delhi heat?

Go visit one of the beautiful parks!

Tiny Drops / Slumgods – 1st community park b-boy battle/showcase

Tiny Drops Khirkee Park Jam 5/15/2011

Tiny Drops / Slumgods – 1st community park b-boy battle/showcase…

… as the night rolls in, some more “experimental” pop lockin’ to block rockin beats by Praxis!

(thanks Suhrid).

Khirkee Park Jam.01

Our first community park jam, in collaboration with Khoj Artist Community, was a b-boy/b-girl battle/showcase, free for all ages, attended by over 150 people including young dancers, elders, and curious passersby. the jam featured dancing, one-on-ones, open cypher; painting by local graffiti artists; and music by dj praxis. It was a fun evening in the park for all! Check out our Facebook page for videos.

Bboy KZEE vs MILAN (from Tiny Drops)

Bboy KZEE (left side) vs MILAN from Tiny Drops (right side)
(thanks Bharat).