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Sunshine story: Dharavi kids feature in a song in ‘One By Two’

Sunshine story: Dharavi kids feature in a song in ‘One By Two’

By Sonali Joshi Pitale|Posted 16-Jan-2014

Some underprivileged kids from Dharavi got lucky as they got to perform in a film…

Those who have watched the song Khushfemiya from the film One By Two would know that it features a group of teenagers doing breakdance with rare finesse. What’s interesting then is that these youngsters flanking Preeti Desai — who plays an aspiring dancer in the film — are not professional dancers.

Dharavi kids
Dharavi kids

They are in fact, an enthusiastic bunch of dance lovers from Dharavi, who managed to wow the film’s crew with their moves. Says a unit member, “A person from the production team happened to see these kids performing at a street show.

Dharavi kids

Amazed to see such talent, he narrated this incident to his colleagues. Eventually, Abhay Deol — who is producing the film and acting in it — got wind of this and upon being impressed by the group’s dedication, they approached this group called Tiny Drops.”

The member goes on to add that this group has learnt dance on its own steam and that its members are known to practice in the narrow lanes of their Dharavi neighbourhood.

The film’s spokesperson confirmed the news.

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